What should you look for when renting an apartment?


Moving can be, sometimes, a real headache. If you’re going through this and need some tips on how to chose the best apartment for you, we can help. Imagine you’re going to visit an ‘open-house’. What do you need to know and which questions you need to ask?

First of all, ask to the landlord or the realtor if the model house you’re visiting looks the same as the apartment you’re renting. More: ask to see the apartment before putting down a deposit. Sometimes, landlords show the best unit they have to impress their possible tenants. Once you’re in the apartment you’re going to rent, check things like natural lighting, water pressure, signs of moisture on the walls, bug problems and the temperature in the house.

Another great tip is coming back at night to check the noise and the surroundings. If you come back a couple times and there’s always loud music or people screaming, maybe this is not the best neighborhood for you.

Make some research about the local crime statistics and go for a walk around the block to see if it seems safe. While you’re doing this, remember to check how’s the parking situation. It’s hard to live in an area where you can’t find a spot to park your car.

Are you pleased with the conditions? Then, before paying your deposit, ask to read a copy of the lease and understand the kind of penalties involved. Also, ask if there’s anything more you need to know.

If you follow these important tips, half of your concerns will vanish while you move into your new apartment!

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