Tips to transform your small rented apartment (without flustering the landlord)

It’s not easy to decorate a rented apartment when the landlord is not willing to help. And that becomes even worse when your new home is small! So, we gathered some tips that can make your apartment seem bigger, while giving it a unique and stylish flair.

1. Furniture


If you can’t paint the walls, paint your furniture and create pieces with visual interest.


Transparent furniture like this dinner table and chairs will make your small dining space seem a lot wider and less cramped.

2. Organization



Open storage is one of the best friends a small house can have.


Having “clutter” like coats, shoes or hats spread around a small apartment will only make it seem messy and disorganized. So, get some furniture for your entry.

3. Decoration


You already know this by now: mirrors are a great trick to make a small room seem bigger.


Use shelves to place those decorative elements you can’t live without. This way, you will save precious space.

4. Walls and floor


Wide and beautiful drapes can hide ugly walls. Besides, the higher you hang them, the bigger the room will look.


If your floor is just awful or simply damaged, but your landlord is refusing to change it, get a nice rug or carpet and hide it with style.

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