The guidelines to own a pet in a rented apartment


A funny survey made by shows that three-fourths of apartment renters own a pet. But how do they manage to ? Today, we’re going to give you some tips on how to manage the harmony between your pet, your new home, your landlord and, especially, your mental health.

First of all, let’s check what are the most popular apartment pets. Cats are clearly the winners (45 percent of pet owners have cats), followed by small dogs (38 percent), midsize dogs (21 percent), large dogs (19 percent) and, finally, fish (6 percent).

For the millions of apartment renters out there, here are seven advices that can really help you.

1. Learn the rules

Know what kind of pets you can have or even if you can have any type at all, since nearly three-fourths of renters said they live someplace that restricts the types of pets they’re allowed to have, according to the survey made by

2. Look for an apartment that accepts pets

Start looking for rental ads and ing rental agencies at least six weeks before moving. There are a lot of rentals that are pet-friendly. To make this task easier, visit the  or ask around.

3. Be honest

If you already have a pet, don’t break the rules and try to sneak your dog or cat into your new rental without telling the landlord. If you break the rules, you could be expelled or even sued.

4. Pay the price

According to this survey, 63 percent of tenants who own pets paid a pet deposit, which can sometimes go over $150 a year.

5. Check it out

Before you pick a new place to live with your pet, make sure you check every place personally. Walk around the neighborhood to figure out whether the area seems safe for you and your pet.

6. Watch the obstacles

Check the obstacles like big stairs, for instance. Older dogs, puppies and dogs with house-training issues need to go outside often, so choosing an apartment without many stairs is the best option.

7. Ease the transition

Make your pets feel at home with some little tricks: keep them in a familiar and quiet room while you’re moving and create a familiar environment in the new house.

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