The best cities for apartment living

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North America is packed with cities that are known for their variety of accommodation but many are attractive to those who want to experience apartment living. For young people an apartment is the right solution as it can be a cost effective way to live, no matter which city is chosen. Imagine sitting in an evening on a balcony, taking in the views of the bustling city, knowing that friends, work and everything else needed is within easy reach.

Popular cities for apartment living

New York has to be one of the top names on the list. Popularized by TV shows such as Friends, many people have flocked to the city to find that type of lifestyle. For many the reality has been a little different. While New York has a vast array of apartments to choose from, there are also other factors involved, such as cost, and New York is not known for being an inexpensive place to live! Ensure that all factors are right before making the move. For example, starting a new job in New York is exciting, but does the salary cover the rent for the right apartment? This is something that should be considered no matter where the renter is moving to.

Edmonton is one of the most popular cities in Canada for apartment living but there are other reasons why people settle there. The city is located in the province of Alberta that is known for low taxes. The local people are also known for being friendly and welcoming, which is an attractive factor for those who have ever felt lost in a big city. The city regularly features high on lists of the best places in North America to live. The city has plenty of amenities, a fairly strong economy and a thriving real estate market. Edmonton apartment rentals are easy to find and range from converted older buildings to new and fashionable apartment buildings.

North America is also home to cities such as Vancouver and Chicago where apartment living has become popular. All have their advantages and disadvantages that will need to be taken into consideration before a final decision is made.

Finding the right apartment

The first step is to work out exactly what is needed. One bedroom, two or more? Which area of the city would it need to be in? What is the budget? Once the prospective renter has all the answers to these questions then the next step is to talk to a realtor specializing in rentals.

They will have all the knowledge and expertise needed to find the right place. There are many advantages to living in an apartment and it is quickly becoming a very fashionable way to live. Renting an apartment is far cheaper than renting a house and it is perfect for singles or couples who work in the area, cutting down on commuting. It is a sensible option for those who need to keep an eye on cost but want to be at the heart of a vibrant city.

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