Space-Saving Shower Ideas

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I still remember moving into my first apartment in London. There is an old saying regarding, let’s say, ‘cosy’ dwellings, in that there isn’t room to swing a cat. Well, in my flat, you barely had room to swing a gnat. Having said that, you can always make a space your own, and turn smaller apartments into gemutlich little boltholes – I know I did, for me and my gnat…

Now, I’m not a diva (much), and like to think I can mend and make do in almost any situation. However, there is one deal breaker for me when it comes to where I’m living, and that’s that it must have a shower.

I’m not a clean freak or anything like that – a cursory survey of my desk could confirm that to you – but I am a lazy person, and a shower helps me with this. How? Well, you see, in the morning, I have my routine calculating and calibrated to the second, which allows me as long as possible in bed. If I didn’t have a shower, I couldn’t dive into it for a couple of minutes before getting ready for work. No, I’d have to mess about waiting for a bath to fill or, worse, having an ineffective quick wash in the sink.

N0w, I know it can be hard to squeeze in a shower, so here are a few tips to help you get this bathroom essential into your flat.

Get Specialist Small Enclosure

Many stockists now collect together special lines of compact furniture, including storage, sinks and baths. Shower enclosures come into this. Of course, there are some constraints on this, as you need at least some room to move about, but it pays to take precise measurements of your bathroom (using a ruler, if it’s really bad) and then submitting these to retailers who can then point you in the right direction.

Consider a Shower Bath

If you already have a bath lording it all over your bathroom, there is a quick and easy fix to get a bar mixer shower in there. Simply convert the bath into a shower bath by purchasing a screen, sticking up riser tails and/or shower arms and changing your taps to a shower mixer or installing a shower valve. This is probably my favourite, as it minimises costs, maximises your space and gives you a lot more flexibility.

Hide It Away

If you are struggling for surface wall space due to clutter or whatever else, a concealed kit might just be the thing for you. Instead of having the valve working, riser rails and other components out in the open, these showers have their parts secreted behind a front panel, the head itself jutting from the wall. This is one way to streamline your shower and make it fit.

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