DIY Skateboard Chandelier

Boredom can sometimes be a real source of creativity! Just look at this awesome skateboard chandelier that was born from boredom. It was made by college student and Reddit user misterpiggies, big lover of skateboarding. Other users loved it, so he explained the process of making this.

So, all you need is a skate deck, 1 1/4″ PVC, weatherproof sockets, a 1 3/4″ hole saw, and tons of epoxy. You can use any board you have or you can buy it. Misterpiggies found his in a skate shop for just 5 dollars.

– To mount the sockets, I used 1 1/4″ PVC T fittings with a thread on the T, and two slips on the sides. I guided the wire through the T and epoxied the sockets in place. To mount the sockets to the board, I cut 1 3/4″ holes in the board between the places where screws from installing trucks would be. I screw-tightened the T to the bushing from the other side and epoxied the whole thing in place – explained Misterpiggies.

If you want to made this yourself, you can read all the steps by clicking here.

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