Silicone Cooking Bags

Cheap and disposable storage bags for your leftovers and other food will soon become history . Well, at least it seems so when we see this silicone reusable cooking bags that can be microwaved, boiled or steamed. Oh yes, you can put it in a pot of boiling water to reheat your food and it will stay the way it was. You can seal the bag, so it will keep your food safely stored.


You can currently buy it in a green colour for $ 14.90, because it’s on sale, but regular price is around 20 dollars, which is not really cheap for a silicone bag. Well, good thing is that it can easily last for a long time, so maybe it will be worth it. Maybe.

You can check it out on Solutions, online store with products that can make our life little bit easier. Find more information there and then decide will you still stick to your old and cheap storage bags or something more nature-friendly.

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