Save space in your child\’s room with cabin beds and midsleepers

Most parents would agree that the major cause of arguments with their children is the state of their rooms, and this complaint is not limited to rooms with little space, as children love to play for hours on end and land up having all their toys, clothes and other personal items strewn all over their rooms.  Firstly we need to consider that the bedroom for a child is more than just a room in which they get dressed and sleep.  Unless you are wealthy enough to be living in a mansion, your child’s room is where they play, do homework, sleep and spend most of their time while they are at home.

Here are some practical tips on how to free up some space and give your child’s room a new look without having to break the bank!

The most effective way to clear some floor space and still be able to decorate your child’s room so that they will absolutely love spending time in their room is to make use of practical, fun yet affordable furniture.

Cabin Beds

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The cabin bed is the perfect solution for a child’s room as it allows you to clear floor space while still provides the perfect place for your child to sit and do homework, with an attached desk area complete with draws as well as additional storage, with large draws underneath the bed and some styles have a book case section too, and of course the bed!  The cabin bed is available in a variety of different styles, even if you have more than one child and they’re great for children in smaller rooms as everything is compact, allowing you more floor space.  The deep draws below the bed itself are perfect for all the toys, clearing out space in the closet!

Mid Sleeper

Photo Credit B&Q
Photo Credit B&Q

When you are re-decorating your child’s room, think vertical!  There are no regulations that state that everything has to be a specific height from the floor for your child.  Children love steps and with Steens Midsleeper they can climb into bed and feel like royalty!  The midsleepers also have a variety of styles, some even have attached desks so that your child can sit and do their homework in comfort right below their bed!  With the bed elevated there is additional storage space available, a large toy box will fit comfortably below the midsleeper and the matching curtains make it easier for your child to keep their room looking tidy at all times!

With a little imagination, some time spent browsing the internet and input from your child it is easy to find new decorative ideas which are practical and save on space!  Remember that as children grow out of the Disney apparel and move into needing space for homework they do still want to be children, these solutions provide everything that a child could possibly want in a bedroom while still freeing up their play area and floor space!

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