Rooms are like brides: both need something old

Every room, modern or classic, needs something old. A used lucky charm that gives a sense of authenticity to the room. It can either be a decorative piece or even a door or window. Whatever fits your taste!

Check out these amazing examples of how to include an old item in every room of your house and make it look like it belongs there.

1. In the hall


Old-looking prints like these can be easily found in flea markets or antique fairs. They will look amazing in your entry hall.

2. In the living room


An old window frame can lend a romantic flair to your contemporary living room.

3. In the kitchen


An old container like this is perfect to store your spices in the kitchen.

4. In the bathroom


Get some mercury glass containers and use them as vessels to keep low main maintenance plants and cheer your bathroom.

5. In the bedroom


An old shelf like the one on the picture will give a super romantic look to your bedroom.

6. In the office


Old pictures of your family can be tucked inside a container like this one to remember you of the old good times.

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