Preparing for a quick sale of your apartment

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Selling an apartment is often easier than selling a house in the current financial climate where larger mortgages are harder to come by. An apartment in a well-managed block is a good risk to a lender, as there are fewer issues of condition and problems such as boundary disputes and similar pitfalls.

On the downside, the neighbours are very close and their behaviour can make a sale tricky, especially if there is a large communal area to negotiate before a buyer gets to the apartment’s front door. There are ways to get a quick sale, though, and presentation is key.

  • Tidy up the communal area

There is a tendency for things like junk mail to accumulate in halls of apartment buildings and it is an easy matter to tidy it up and put it away so that it looks organised. A cheap letter rack works wonders and also gives the impression that everyone in the block is interested in keeping things neat. The same goes for general litter; a swing bin needn’t cost much and it makes the area nicer to negotiate as well as looking organised.

  • Make your front door a welcoming place to stand

Sometimes an apartment can have a rather forbidding aspect, because the front door is such a barrier. Unlike a house where a garden can be used to provide real ‘kerb appeal’ the possibilities for the entrance to a flat can be more difficult to deal with, but making sure the door is clean is a first step. If the building regulations allow it, put a welcome mat outside the door. It marks the territory and also reassures the potential buyer that everything you leave outside will still be there in the morning!

  • Bright and clean

Once tour potential buyer is inside you need to give an impression of cleanliness and space. Some apartments suffer from a lack of air flow so can end up being a little stale and musty. Open some windows if the weather permits but don’t be tempted by air fresheners because they always smell fake and alert buyers that they may be masking something. If you need to give the place a quick wipe down, don’t use bleach – another red flag smell to a buyer.

  • Tidy up

A tidy flat gives two messages. The first is that you are a nice neat person who has been looking after the property in a responsible fashion, making it a good buy. The second is that you really do mean to move and can do so quickly if necessary for your buyer. People who are looking round for a new home often visit places where the seller clearly is just testing the market as they have made no apparent steps towards moving out. Don’t give the impression you are doing a runner, but do make sure you look like someone who is preparing a move.

If you take these basic steps, you should find it easier to sell your home quick – who knows, your fellow apartment owners might end up coming to you for tips!

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