Perfect Bed For Your Cat

Where do your cat sleep? On the couch, on your bed, on the desk or in her box? Well, cats are really stubborn animals and they don’t really like to sleep where you tell them to sleep. But, with this awesome shell pet bed your cat will never again sleep anywhere else! Cats love to stay in tight spaces, so this shell will be their favorite place ever!


This bed is made of recycled pulp and polyester, and you can choose from two versions – single or double shell. If you buy the cat shell in double format, you will get the complete shell which is great if you have two cats. They can snuggle together inside and they will love that. It is easy to clean, so it’s really hygienic.

This Cat Shell Pet Bed is designed by Oppo and you can buy it at the Japan Trend Shop. Price goes from 70 dollars.

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