10 Awesome Cool Wall Mirrors

  Next time you looking for a mirror for your apartment check out this selection of awesome mirrors. My personal favourite is the mirror above which is called “Sugar” – although it probably doesn’t help much for dressing yourself in the morning. Next time your looking to get a
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Awesome Table That Looks Like A Pool

The Contemporist found this this awesome looking table at the London Design Festival. Not really sure why you would want a coffee table that looks like a swimming pool… but it would  certainly be a conversation starter. Next up, you need to get some coffee cups that look like
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Top Healthy Recipe Ideas For Under $5

Eating healthy on a budget can be difficult for many people, especially as there are so many ready meals and fast food outlets that offer cheap options to cooking. It’s a common misconception that preparing and cooking food at home is expensive but this recent Quora post offers some
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Awesome Dinnertable/TV Combo for Small Apartments

This awesome set-up was created by the Reddit user hankmarkdukas and he even shows how you can build a flip-top computer for your apartment. It beats just using your laptop on your knees and your going to get way more work done than using a silly little tablet. As
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Beautifully Simple Bookmark Table For Bookworms

The Bookmark Table designed by Polish designer Pawel Grobelny will surely appeal to bookworms all over. Its simple yet understated design allows you to store a good selection of your favourite books and magazines at the base and the cut-out side will ‘bookmark’ any book you happen to be
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