IKEA Hack: iPad/Tablet Stand for Bathroom

We’ve all been guilty of holding our phones or tablets in the bath, trying to tap our way through social media sites, texting friends with our wet, slippery fingers. All the while being fully aware that these devices should go absolutely nowhere near any large pools of water.. But
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34 Ridiculously Simple Two Ingredient Treats

There’s few things I love more than home made food and what better than super simple recipes that are not only tasty but only require two ingredients! A post by Peggy on Buzzfeed lists various goodies that can be created using two common ingredients, from chocolate truffles using melting
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How to 3D Print Your Next Ikea Lampshade

We have covered 3D printers before and I really think they are going to be a game changer in 2013. I found the following Behance project which shows how Samuel Bernier managed to print out a replacement lampshade for his broken IKEA lamp. After creating the first lampshade, he
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A Blender That Looks Like a Diamond

Every apartment dweller needs a blender and now thanks to Yanko Design, we can have something that looks freaking awesome. If you have not got a blender then your missing out on all the amazing smoothies, soups and sauces you can easily put together with the touch of a
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