6 Amazing ideas to transform your basement

The basement is usually a dusty and messy room, where families leave their clutter forever. From times to times, someone remembers to clean and declutter the place, but what about if your basement could be transformed into an astonishing room? You might don’t know this, but your basement can
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Make your own garden furniture: 9 DIY ideas

At 62252.info, we often give you advices for your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Even for your bathroom. With all this happening, there’s a place that is usually neglected, but not this time. The garden is our star today and we want to show you some great ideas
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9 DIY ideas to reuse old vintage wood doors

You can’t even dream about the possible uses an old door can have. There are dozens of different DIY projects you can choose to reuse one of these vintage items. And they’re not even that hard to find: just try a salvage shop, a yard sale or even a
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17 Useful ideas for small bathrooms

Bathrooms are the poor parents of house rooms, we usually neglect its appearance and style. Especially if they are small… However, remember that this is one of the most important rooms of the house: you can live without an office or a closet, but you cannot live without a
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7 DIY makeovers that will transform your kitchen

Here are seven great ideas to change your kitchen, focusing on your backsplash, the piece of wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. You can transform an entire room with a few creative changes. Mix some new colors, patterns or textures and improve your backsplash and other parts
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The lake house: an amazing coastal family home

Meet the perfect coastal house, located in Michigan, where three generations share a cozy and inviting with great design and decoration. The responsible for this project is the designer Laura Davidson, from Dwellingsm who transformed this floor plan. The couple that owns the house has three grown children and
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Designer lamps that will enlighten your decor

A unique and stylish lamp can transform a whole room. Unfortunately, people often neglect their home’s lighting system, forgetting it’s an essential part of decoration and general style. We don’t want you to spend hours looking for astonishing lamps and giving up because none of your findings match your
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Frugal value adding home improvements

Many homeowners and first time sellers make the mistake of investing in lots of big renovations that add no value to their home. The trick is to know which areas of the home are worth investing in and which areas will increase your asking price. There are some things
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