Exploring a career in interior design [infographic]

Is Feng Shui always on your mind? Are you always hunting for that thing that pulls an entire room together? Ever thought about exploring a career in interior design? This infographic breaks down the world of an interior designer from the mere definition, how/where the industry is growing, and
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Preparing for a quick sale of your apartment

Selling an apartment is often easier than selling a house in the current financial climate where larger mortgages are harder to come by. An apartment in a well-managed block is a good risk to a lender, as there are fewer issues of condition and problems such as boundary disputes
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Common Energy Myths Busted

Whether the subject is the cost of energy in a turbulent economy, renewable energy as the supply of fossil fuels continues to dwindle or protests against ‘fracking\’ as the government looks to alternative solutions, energy is constantly in the headlines. While all of the above already do or eventually
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Make living with a disability a little easier

Have you ever been injured and unable to use one of your legs?  Do you know someone with a disability? Then you would have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties that a person with a disability faces on a daily basis. Although many people tend to shy away from people
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Home Refurbishment Essentials

Refurbishing your home is potentially an exciting time where you really get to put your stamp on your home and make those all important changes to enhance the way you live – from increasing the space of your living area, through adding an extension or just simply creating a
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How to spruce up the home with little effort

With two hyperactive children to contend with, I often find it difficult to concentrate on anything other than them. Thankfully there are a few activities available that promise to keep children entertained for longer than five minutes – art being one of them. Invest in several pieces of art
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Decorating your bedroom on a budget

Your home is the centre of your family, and after a hard day at work or with the kids, your bedroom should be a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary to prepare your for the next day ahead. If your bedroom is due a drastic makeover, but your budget is tight,
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