15 Creative Ways to Make Your Bed Awesome

To make your bedroom look fantastic, you only need good details and some creativity. And it all starts with the bed! So here’s a collection of good ideas to inspire you. 1. Black and white cat pillows “Meow” is the only adjective we can think of when we look
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Modern Beauty & Outdoor Living made easy

One of the main differences between a house and an apartment is the freedom to walk outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine without having to leave home.  With a balcony you can live in an apartment and still have this freedom, although your space is limited to
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Advice on roof covering materials

Every home owner has to face the project of repairing or replacing their roofing at some point or another, the only way you can overcome this is to buy new property every few years and leave the roofing maintenance to the new owners. When you ready to start your
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Some Classic Home Decoration Inspiration

When you\’re in the line of work I\’m in, it is easy to lose yourself in the vast hinterlands of the internet dedicated to interior design. In the past, word of mouth, showrooms, magazines and the unique quirks of your own imagination were your research materials, though with the
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A Class Apart

Apartments usually don’t encompass a huge amount of space, so it is crucial that you get your décor right and ensure it makes a good first impression to guests and visitors. If you have just moved into an apartment, then it could well be your first home as professional
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How to maximize the space in your bathroom

For some people one of the most irritating situations is to fall over yourself to do anything in the bathroom, especially if you are trying to bath children or use the toilet while your partner is brushing their teeth. Unless you have inherited a large sum of money and
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Make your shower hour a delightful experience

Although there are many people that prefer the bubble bath where they can sit back and relax with a book or a glass of wine and truly unwind, there are times where such a luxurious cleansing routine is just not possible.  Although the shower is more cost effective as
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Modern Stoves for Busy Families

Have you been looking at your stove and wondering whether scrubbing it for two weeks is going to give it a new lease on life or if you should think of looking at buying a new stove?  A lot of homes have old stoves and it’s often more cost
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Modern staircase style ideas

  As a home owner you can often do various things to improve your home, but there are things that are easier to do than others, one of these things that are easier is the staircase as any DIY enthusiast can purchase the parts required and take out the
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