Mamba Lamp

Kevin Depape, young French industrial designer has designed the perfect lamp for every home called ‘Mamba’! This interesting lamp was designed for ‘Cinna Design Contest 2012’, in the lamp category. So, why is Mamba different from any other lamp you can buy in the store? Mamba is a table lamp that can be placed lying down or standing. While other table lamps are mostly hiding their wire, because, lets be honest, it is not really pretty to see, Mamba is proudly showing her wire as an aesthetic element.


– The purpose is to offer a reflexion on domestic accessories taking into account the new lifestyles, uses and technologies – said Kevin Depape on his Behance profile. Kevin is also working on some other interesting projects, like Elastik desk, something you have definitely not seen before. It looks like a traditional home desk, but with an elastic storage on top. Interesting! So, you can put your new Mamba lamp on your new Elastik desk or anywhere else in your apartment. Just be different!

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