Learn how to create your own chalkboard table

Ever heard of chalkboard tables? Well, here’s a small and easy tutorial (which we saw here) that can teach you how to make your own chalkboard table. You can use your favorite color and create a fun table for the kids (or just for you, no need to be ashamed…).

Step 1


Get a wooden board and paint. Mix one cup the paint with two of grout, mixing small quantities each time. Mix everything until there’s no clumps.

Step 2

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Apply the mix to the wooden board, painting as swiftly as possible. You can repeat the process if you find it necessary and make a new batch of paint. Let the board dry for at least four hours.

Step 3


Once it’s dry, you must season the surface with some chalk. Rub the entire surface and then wipe it down. Surprise: it’s ready to use!

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