Kindle Fire cases with light: 5 great options


Sometimes, we found ourselves using our Kindle Fire when we notice that there’s not enough light, for instance, to be read a book using the device. So, what are the solutions?

Well, if this is a normal situation for you, a lighted Kindle Fire case can shine some light on the matter. To help you, here are five cases with light that we have selected for you.

1. Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Case Cover

41RA6Jx1q-LThis case cover with a built-in LED it’s the best option to read, because it illuminates the Kindle’s entire screen. The stylish protection doesn’t have any batteries, it draws power from the device. It’s sleek, lightweight and it has a great design. The cover can fold, so you got a one-handed reading device. It now costs 47.99 (used to be $59.99) and it’s also available in black, green and purple.

Get it for $47.99 on Amazon with Free Shipping


Kindle Paperwhite has built-it light sourse, so most of these cases with light are now absolete. Thereofre manufacturers stopped making and selling them, except for option #1 above.

2. EveCase Purple Folio Wallet Crocodile Leather Case

41XQSVlp5ILSuitable for Kindle 4, this case has a fun and relaxed side. It costs $12.99 and it’s available in two more colors (black and hot pink) on Amazon.


3. Periscope Flip Cover and Light


This is the super fun Periscope eReader Flip Cover and Light for Kindle Touch. It combines a retractable eco-friendly LED reading light with an elegant microfiber cover. The LED illuminates the entire reading area and it’s so simple to use, but needs three AA Batteries. The magnetic snap holds the cover closed when you don’t need your Kindle. This case, that can be transformed into a hands-free reading tool, is available at Brookstone for $49.99 and it also exists in light blue.


4. Purple Lighted Smart Leather Cover Case Built-in-LED Light

41Qa-p6FW+LThis case is only available for Kindle Touch, but it was especially designed to be the perfect Companion for Amazon Kindle Touch for the device. It has a built-in LED reading light, supplied from the Kindle, and a sleek design. Its interior is made from a soft microfiber that protects the Kindle from any scratch or scuff. It’s available on Amazon for $24.99.


5. JKase Lighted Crocodile Texture Folio Leather Cover

41yz5fcrqHLAt last, our fifth choice is this synthetic black leather case cover for Amazon Kindle Touch, with an ultra slim design. The built-in light is super resistant and can be stored in the back of the cover when you don’t need it anymore. It costs $19.99 and it’s available on Amazon.


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