How to spruce up the home with little effort

Photo Credit Decorplans
Photo Credit Decorplans

With two hyperactive children to contend with, I often find it difficult to concentrate on anything other than them. Thankfully there are a few activities available that promise to keep children entertained for longer than five minutes – art being one of them.

Invest in several pieces of art

Every little girl and boy enjoys attacking a blank piece of paper with colour, especially when there are so many colours to choose from. Both coloured card and sparkly felt tip pens are just a few of the offerings available.

One good thing to come out of these creations is the artwork. Investing in a variety of monochrome and colourful frames will allow you to decorate your home without lifting so much as a finger. Adding colour to any room in the household will instantly update it.

Adding a surge of life to tired walls

Other ways to spruce up the living space include adding a lick of paint to tired walls. It’s surprising the difference a fresh coat of paint can make. Painting one wall or a feature area a different shade to the rest will create a statement vocal point. There are a number of arty wallpapers available online and in various hardware stores, many of which showcase illustrations, pretty prints and vivid hues.

Buy one new item of furniture

Adding new furniture to any one room in the home will instantly refresh this room. Sofas are a great way to dress up the living area and buying a sofa in a vivid hue will add life to an otherwise tired space. Throws and cushions can be added to create further interest.

Create your own space

Just as the children have their playroom, it’s important for adults to have their own space too. Many will find the study or office to be an area of tranquillity in the home. This is the one place toys don’t infiltrate and a neutral but bright design will often work best.

Many use the study as a place to complete office or admin work which is why décor is extremely important. Something too cosy and warm may have the effect of sending certain individuals to sleep!

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