How to Repair Carpet

A carpet is a floor covering that forms an integral part of our interior home decor. As such, it is subjected to a high level of abuse.
Required Materials
? matching carpet leftover
? empty can
? single-sided carpet tape
? masking tape
Required Tools
? utility knife
? work gloves
? marker
? scissors
1. Cutting the Carpet. Put on your pair of gloves to protect your a carpet Then, using a sharp knife, carefully cut out the piece of carpet along the outlined impression.
2. Identify the Nap. Use a second piece of tape near the worn area of carpet to carefully detect the direction of the carpet’s weave here as well.
3. Cutting Damaged Carpet – Press down hard on the damaged area of the carpet with the empty can and then cut along the outlined impression as before
4. Fixing. Carefully expose the sticky side of the tape by peeling it off and then neatly slip the piece into the cut-out space.
5. Inserting the Replacement. Insert the replacement piece. Make sure that its pointer is aligned in the same direction as the pointer near the cut-out. Press the piece into the cut-out area, applying extra pressure along the edges.
6. Evening out the Edges – To even out uneven edges, trim off stray fibers so that they blend well into their neighbors.

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