How to make your apartment look clean (even if it’s not)

Even if you’re not a neat freak, there are always some dirty tricks (no pun intended) you can use to make it look like your house is a temple of cleanliness. Hey, we’re not judging! Read these next and learn how to disguise your lack of willpower to clean.

1. Stacks and piles


There’s nothing that makes a house seem more messier than a lot of papers scattered around all the rooms. Stacks of work papers and mail or piles of old magazines are a sight for sore eyes, but there’s a easy way around it. First, once you receive and collect your mail, separate it immediately into four piles: recycle, file, display pay. The ones that should be recycled must go to the trash right after, leave the ‘pay’ pile on your desk, near the computer, so you don’t forget them. If you have any document that needs to be displayed, put it on the fridge with a magnet. Then, just file the rest of the letters to sort out lately or use when you need. Next: are you tired of seeing your magazines everywhere, but sorting them out is too painful? Get a nice magazine box or basket and shove them into it.

2. No top sheet

Smiling Hispanic woman making bed

Tired of having to make the bed every day? Stop using a top sheet and keep only the bottom sheet and the bedspread with the occasional blanket, when necessary. The process gets a lot easier and faster.

3. Tissue or paper towel wipe downs


Wipe downs are a super easy solution to clean the sink or the kitchen counter. And the best thing you don’t need to use any cleaning products, a semi-wet tissue is enough in most cases.

4. Put your clothes in the right place


If you hate to do the laundry, it’s okay to pay for another person to do it and also deliver it in your house. Just promise yourself that, as soon as the clothes arrive, you’ll put them in their place.

5. The stain disguise


Stains make everything seem messier. If you have a nasty stain on the floor, try to use a rug. If the stain is on the couch, then try a pillow.

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