How to live in a small space with a pet: avoid dirt and smells

If a house with pets smells bad and has hair all over the place, don’t blame it on the dog or cat, blame it on the owner. He’s the one that isn’t doing the right thing. Owning a pet requires work and new cleaning habits, but some people forget about this. If you have a pet and don’t want to be the “smelly friend”, maybe it’s time to check what you can do to make sure your house is flawlessly clean.

1. Treat your pet like a king
Give your pet regular baths (especially if it’s a dog) and brush its teeth once in a while. It’s also important to choose a high quality diet, because you can prevent hair and skin problems.

2. Buy a good vacuum

The second step is to invest in a good vacuum. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, just look for a model that has the right features: as long as it has a good power and is able to catch hair properly, you’re fine. Lots of manufacturers create special vacuums adapted to houses where there’s animal hair.

3. Get a smaller helper

Having a good vacuum is great, but sometimes you need to be faster. So, you need a helper that can start cleaning while you do other stuff. A way to do this is to get a cleaning robot, which are a great hair remover.

4. Don’t forget about the catbox

Make sure you clean the catbox regularly, which should always be stored in the same place. You can also invest in an automatic box that will clean itself after your cat uses it. A good air purifier next to the box is also a great idea.

5. Designate a spot for your pet

Each pet must know that it has one place to sit on the couch, for instance. You can also get your pet a bed on the floor. Wherever it is, this “pet place” must be cleaned frequently.

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