How to kill cockroaches [apartment edition]

If you have problems with cockroaches, don’t worry, you are not the only one. There are lots of people who are having so much trouble with this ugly and disgusting creatures in their apartments. Cockroaches are really hard to kill and they reproduce extremely quickly. They also can survive a month without water and around three months without food. Well, they can even survive long time without their heads, which makes killing them even more difficult. Luckily, there is a solution! Or in fact – bunch of solutions!



Cockroach traps

You can purchase cockroach traps in the store or even make it yourself. You have to use a container with steep sides. Just put petroleum jelly on the inner walls so that they can’t climb back out and put some food or water inside. Cockroaches will be trapped inside. Important thing is that you have to find the cracks and holes where they are hiding so that you will know where to put all the traps. Look everywhere it’s dark, warm and moist. If you can’t find them, just enter each room during the night, turn the lights on and watch where will they run too. Put live traps near that places.

Clean house

Sound simple, don’t you agree? Vacuum every day, clean your dishes immediately after the meal, put all your food in plastic containers where they can’t reach it… This way you will cut them off and they won’t be able to find any food. Of course, they can live without a food, but after a time, they will have to die or move somewhere else! Oh yes, don’t forget to clean crumbs from under appliances on daily basis.

Boric acid mix

Boric acid is fatal to cockroaches. You can use it alone, but it’s better to make a paste by mixing boric acid powder with some flour, sugar and water. The sugar baits them, the flour makes them stick, and the boric acid kills them. Cockroaches will think that is their precious food. You can put the mix underneath appliances, in the backs of drawers and cabinets or in the cracks in the wall.

Insecticide Sprays

You can buy the insecticide spray that will help you fight against cockroaches in almost every store. There are liquid ones and powder ones – if you can choose, buy powder, because it’s more toxic and it covers larger area. Follow all safety instructions on the product’s label and keep away from your pets and kids!

Soap and Water

This is probably the simplest solution and definitely the easiest thing to do. Make a mix of soap and water and then splash or spray that on the cockroach. Few drops will kill them if you spray it on cockroaches head and belly. Well, maybe it sounds too difficult to kill them one by one, but it’s free, so at least you can get rid of some of them this way.

So, use one of these methods – or few of them and you will eliminate cockroach population from your apartment and prevent them from returning. Good luck!

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