How to invest in a Stylish and High Quality Bathroom

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Is your bathroom tired and unloved? Is it not the tranquil utopia you dream of? If not why not spend a little time and money turning it into your own oasis? As it is often the smallest room in your home a little luxury can go a long way and given that it is even likely to increase the value of your property it is a room well worth investing in! If you are tempted before you splash out it is worth considering the following:

What luxury features would you like in your bathroom?

There is a huge array for choice but unless you have an extensive budget and the room to enclose them you may have to decide between different features. It may help you to do this if you think about how you like to use your bathroom. Do you like to indulge in luxurious candlelit bubble baths at the end of a tiring day? Or do you prefer a refreshing shower at the start of the day? This will help you to decide on the look and feel of your bathroom. You could even opt for a roll top bath with underfloor heating or a free standing shower with powerful jets.

What practical features do you need in your bathroom?

To ensure that you enjoy your new bathroom it is also important to consider the practical elements you need from it? Do you have a host of creams, potions and powders that are likely to clutter your bathroom and distract you from your relaxing bubble bath? If so clever storage solutions such as integrated cupboards can keep all of them neat and hidden away. Will you need to be able to use the shaving mirror straight out of the shower? A heated mirror can enable you to do this.

How long do you intend to keep your new bathroom?

This is important as, having invested in it, you want to ensure that it is a style that will not quickly look dated. After all you do not want your new bathroom to turn into the modern day equivalent of the avocado bathroom suite! If you intend to keep it for an extended period of time (as most people would) it may be better to stick to classic styles that can be easily updated with removable accessories. Given that you will also need your investment to physically last it may also be worth obtaining an extended guarantee to ensure that you have peace of mind. Some stores have this available for an additional fee but it is worth factoring shopping around as some stores, such as Utopia Furniture supply them as standard.

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