Having a small apartment – you don\’t have to hold back on stylish furniture

With the price of housing set to rise again this year, many of us are facing downsizing to smaller apartments. Although this may not be appealing to everyone, the advantages of choosing a smaller home are great. You will save on rent or mortgage payments, you will save on your monthly energy bills, ultimately giving you more money to spend on furnishings.

Furnishings bring about their own issues in small spaces; it can be confusing to figure out how to get the most from your space. Don’t worry there are many clever and surprising things you can do to keep your space clutter free.

Look for easy to pack away alternatives

I know for me, my apartment is just not big enough to have a dining table, chairs and even a three seater sofa. So, I have had to get creative with ways that I can still host my beloved dinner parties within the tiniest of spaces.


The first thing I considered was of course how I would fit in chairs and a table. The simple answer was to look for foldable or stackable furniture that can be hidden away when not in use. I find stacking chairs to be really useful, they are neat to store, offer extra seating for guests and there are so many designer options, they can add to the overall look of your home.

I had two options for a table, a small breakfast bar attached to the kitchen, or a vintage style folding table. Of course I went for the latter as it works better with my overall theme. However, if you love the modern then breakfast bars can be a really nice way to save space and maintain a functional work top.

Be very careful with colours

Colours can be one the best ways to highlight your space; equally they can make your flat appear smaller. When you are looking for your furniture to include into your new home, be aware of the colours and shades of the items.

small flat

Monochrome is the best way to look at the space, look at the areas that can be highlighted using creams, whites or egg shell shades. Then you can add darker shades to accent specific areas of layout. For me, I have cream furniture such as my sofa that adds lightness to my small space. Then I have accented the sofa using dark blue throws and cushions. You want to add depth and comfort to your home without distracting from the light; natural colours do this with ease.

Books, DVD’s and the endless use of space that come with them

One of the hardest elements to get right within any small space is shelving units. They can be so bulky and encompassing that you will end up feeling claustrophobic and losing entire walls of your home. To get everything stored away neatly may take some creativity.


There are many spaces within our homes that we never think to utilise; above our doors is a great example of this. I have shelves in some places that you may think are strange, but work wonderfully for me and look great too. I have two shelves above each door, where I store books. This has required me to get a small set of step ladders, but that is no big deal when you consider I have effectively saved space.

I have also made use of some old wooden crates that I have hung underneath my windows for storing DVD’s and magazines. These can be covered by sofa’s if needs be, but I love the look of them bare and natural.

Finally, corner cabinets are a godsend. Keep them as open units as those that have doors can be quite restrictive. They are great if you have a tricky room to work with; mine for example is an attic flat with sloping ceilings. I have needed corner units as they are th tallest points of my rooms.

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