A great tip to decorate your laundry basket


When you invest time and money in your house’s decor, there are some details that won’t be as easy to find as you wanted. Details like a laundry basket, for instance.

Usually, people looking for something “insignificant” as a laundry basket will content themselves with the first one they find, as long as it’s not hideous. But, then, there are other people, really invested in the details, that will go the extra mile to have the laundry basket of their dreams.

Okay, we’re maybe overstating it. Anyway, we found a great decorative tip for laundry baskets that we want to share with you. You just need to get a laundry basket, of course, a stencil and your favourite color’s spray paint. Follow these next steps:


Let’s go with a cool pattern like Chevron. Tape the stencil in the right places and create the pattern.


Then, paint with the spray. You will have to spend more or less spray, depending on the color intensity you want to achieve.


Finally, just let it dry for several hours. Remember that, if you use more spray paint, you will have to let it dry more time. And it’s done! Time to enjoy your custom laundry basket.

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