Great options for renters: the best 7 removable wallpapers for kids

Each day, more companies and also buyers are surrendering themselves to the wonders of  . Especially people who don’t own a house, but rather rent one.

Besides being a safe choice for renters, removable wallpaper is super easy to use. So, give your kids the choice of having their favorite wallpaper in their bedroom. It will make them feel special and the children’s bedroom will be much more stylish.

1. Wee Company’s Jungle


This one if from .

2. Chalkboard Sticker


A creative wallpaper from the .

3. Dorothy Fagan’s Beasties


This one is available at .

4. London Bus


The wallpaper London Bus is available at .

5. Ravynka’s Skyline Clouds


Make your kid reach the clouds with this wallpaper from . It’s available in other colors.

6. Sweet 16


A super fun choise! From .

7. Kristen Doran’s Dipped Dots


A more sophisticated choice from the .

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