Sensing The Future

Here comes something really interesting from . Their latest innovation is called ‘Fresh Connect’ and the concept is just amazing. It’s completely new way of food conservation! Listen to this. Series of specialized accessories connected by a central cooling system with an online delivery service from selected network of fresh food suppliers. Sounds so futuristic and modern, don’t you agree?


That central cooling system is supposed to provide the optimal temperature and humidity level to each connected accessory (fruit basket, bread basket, wine cooler…) to keep them from spoiling. The cooling system is shared by several apartments in the same building which will help a lot with energy saving. Plus, if the food container is empty, the system automatically turns it off to save energy.

Central cooling system is even connected with a herbarium, so you will be able to grow herbs and spices all year long. That sounds just great! Well, if this is what future has prepared for us, we are certainly looking forward to it!

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