Folding Kettle by Stanislav Sabo

Young Slovakian designer Stanislav Sabo has really done some innovative work with kettles. He patented a travel folding kettle called ‘Novel’ which can be folded into a minimum shape and put in the your pocket or even a smallest bag you have. The body of the kettle is made of special heatproof plastic (which makes it easy to hold even when heated to the boiling point) and inside is 100 percent silicone.

Power is provided by a bayonet adapter with a supply connector to the source of the energy. There are also some magnetic elements in the body, lid and adapter, that help in flattening out the kettle when you are not using it.


There are few colour variations, so you can choose your favorite.

You can read much more about this awesome and simple kettle on Stanislav profile on and you can even watch an amazing video on how you can use it.

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