Facecord Cabinet

We all always like to see interesting furniture designs that we are not really sure that it would fit our apartment style, but we have to admire it! That will be your thought on this interesting chest of drawers that looks like a woodpile.

It was designed by American artist Mark Moskovitz from Fiftytwothousand and it was even included in New York’s Museum of arts and design exhibition called ‘Against the grain: Wood in Contemporary Art, Craft, and Design’. This exhibition ended last month, but the goal was to demonstrate how 20th and 21st century creators have engaged the medium of wood with conceptual and technical strategies.


The name of this interesting cabinet is Facecord, which references a measurement for firewood. Facecord is a fully functional four drawer cabinet and it was designed for normal indoor use. It was inspired by the haphazard geometry of cord wood but built with modern details.

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