Emotional Bubble by Miquel Silva Vázquez

If you want to add something modern and sleek into your apartment, then you definitely have to read this. This is the new creation by designer Miguel Silva Vázquez and it is just fantastic. Vázquez’s new furniture collection is called ‘Emotional bubble’ and it’s so colorful, futuristic and minimalistic at the same time. These furniture pieces can match any interior or space – your living room, kid’s room, your bedroom and they can even be placed outdoors – on your balcony or porch because of their material. They were made of synthetic fiber so they can’t be ruined. Furniture is also safe for kids because of the smooth finish, so the kids can’t get hurt. Wherever you put it – it will be perfect!


If you still didn’t find your ideal decorating style, this furniture collection will be awesome addition to your apartment. It’s modern, it’s unique, it’s smooth and fun. Your guests will love it and you will adore it! Furniture with feelings – can anything be more perfect then that?

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