DIY Planter Box Centerpiece

If you are looking for something that will make your apartment unique, don’t buy anything new and over expensive – just do it yourself! DIY projects are always interesting and fun, and this one seems really easy so give it a try! You will need two white wood boards, stud, wood glue, stain and nails. You have everything ready? Now you can start!


  • Cut your boards, using glue and nails, so that they are all the same lenght.
  • Cut two small pieces of from the stud so you can finish off the sides.
  • Use your wood stain and stain your new box.
  • Let it dry completely, put some soil inside and the plants or flowers of your choice. Instead of that, you can also just put some glass bottles with the flowers inside. You can use milk or coke bottles, whatever you have laying around.

So, with just a little effort you will have a wonderful rustic centerpiece! You can read more about it .

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