Details you can’t forget if you’re moving into a new house


Usually, people only remember some important details about moving into a new house… once they are already moving. Well, that’s not a great idea, since organization is the key to make the most of the free time people normally have when they’re setting up a new house or apartment.

First of all, you’ll probably need to paint the new house, so invest in some canvas drop cloths to protect your floor and some other items, paint covers for the electrical outlets and some polyurethane sponges, which you can use to clean almost anything.


Then, once you have prepared the house, move on to the next step. Check out your favorite cleaning and decorating blogs and get some nice lists with information about the best cleaning methods and the best (cheap) tricks to decorate your new home.

This is an important advice because, usually, people forget to clean some important spaces like inside the cabinets or the drawers and, then, when it’s time to decorate the place, they’re already too tired to have original ideas. So, check previously made lists. Our very own has a lot of articles about these two themes that can really help you.


And here’s a funny “exercise”: while you’re doing all this, take pictures before and after, so you can really see how far you and your house or apartment have come.

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