Designer lamps that will enlighten your decor

A unique and stylish lamp can transform a whole room. Unfortunately, people often neglect their home’s lighting system, forgetting it’s an essential part of decoration and general style.

We don’t want you to spend hours looking for astonishing lamps and giving up because none of your findings match your style, so here are some creative ideas.

1. Ceiling lamps


This modern and special lamp with a bright color and metallic appointments go perfectly together with a clean and stylish room.

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This lamp will provide a different twist to a classic room.


These original lamps with a hook function are great to decorate a contemporary room.

2. Table lamps


The perfect lamp for a room with clean lines and a touch of art déco.

design junction wire lamps

An industrial-looking room will be complete with these wire lamps.


This amazing lamp will look great in your modern office space.

3. Wall lamps


This modern lamp follows the current geometrical trend, so hot in 2013.


The sleek design and the color make this lamp a statement piece that will look good in every modern room.


Talk about minimalism… This lamp is so original!

4. Floor lamps


This elegant floor lamp will be the star of your living room.


A modern lamp that creates special effects and a different ambiance.


This vintage-looking lamp is the perfect combination between the world of music and light.

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