Design tips on a budget – how to furnish your home on the cheap

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Cash – it’s so difficult to get enough of, isn’t it? You work your socks off – not literally, unless you work in some sort of sock removal factory, which you don’t because those don’t exist, then you’ve got to pay your bills before you can even have a good time with your well-earned dough.

But, even if cash is difficult to come by, you can glam up your home in a number of cost-effective ways. So, once those bills are paid off, you won’t have to splash out too much with some of these cost-light design tips.

Make your floors look a treat

Carpeting can be an expensive investment, which is why you’ve got to look for some alternatives to cover those hardwood floors that are turning your toes to icicles in the winter months.

The perfect alternative is to invest in a few mats and rugs for the place. Get some bedroom mats to warm your soles when you wake, and try a big shaggy rug to cover your living room floor.

You could even try using throws as a floor covering if you’re feeling extra-adventurous.

Make one wall the main feature

If you can’t quite scrape the pennies together for enough wallpaper to cover a room, there is a great way you can still make your room stylish – create a “feature wall.

A feature wall is essentially one wall with wallpaper or something distinctive on it to create a focal point for the rest of the room. If you manage to get this design right, you’ll create a striking piece for your room and get the wallpaper you want.

Go DIY for the personal touch

Home-craft isn’t something that enough people indulge in anymore. Like a forgotten art, people creating little bits and bobs for their house has gone out of style, like flared trousers or Jethro Tull.

Which is a shame because, with a bit of imagination and a small amount of skill, you can have products that are just as good as their high street equivalent. In fact, they’re arguably even better, as they’ll have your personality all over them.

If you want to craft a few things for your home, start small – maybe knit a cushion – before you work your way up to more ambitious products. Not only will you have affordable, handmade curios in your home, you’ll also be trying your hand at a new hobby.

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