Category: Kitchen Gadgets

Aqua Zinger

You have to drink enough water to stay healthy. That is something we hear every day. Well, that is not a problem anymore! You don’t have to be
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Spice Up Your Life

Look at these cute test tubes! Is there anything more perfect to keep your seasonings in it? No, of course not! This is so unique and awesome. These
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Pancake Maker

Who wants some pancakes for breakfast?! Me, me, me! Or better to say – who doesn’t! With this cool kitchen appliance you can easily make two pancakes in
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Fresh Herb Keeper

We all like to cook (and of course – eat) homemade food prepared with fresh herbs. It just tastes much better that way, don’t you agree? But, when
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Ball Kitchen Scale

Practical and super cute – this awesome kitchen scale will definitely fit in every kitchen! Designer is Radomir Shterev and the name of this cool kitchen gadget is
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