18 Intelligent Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvements have become a norm. Have you ever noticed that some homes have an extra touch that you can never seem to figure out? That may be work of a smart designer or some really cool ideas. Here are some tips that will add that intelligent touch to your home.

1. Turn your Garage into a Studio with multiple Lamps

Light bulb Mod



2. Canopy Romantic Bed

canopy bed mod



3. State of the art theater

modern theatre mod

4. Cool Keypad door lock

cool keypad door lock



5. Cat friendly house




6. Design lover’s house

designer's house mod



7. Housing the tree

housing the tree mod



8. The science loving teen’s room

the scientist teen mod



9. Expensive looking House

expensive looking house mod



10. Barn Door

Barn Door Mod



11. Replace those Kitchen Cabinets

Replaced Kitchen Cabinets Mod



12. Sleek Kitchen

sleek kitchen mod



13. Smart Boy’s Room

Smart Boy's Room Mod



14. Room saving storage

Room saving storage mod




15. A small Boy’s Closet

small boy's closet mod



16. Mirror on Mirror

mirror on mirror mod



17. Hidden Dishwasher

hidden dishwasher mod

And the winner is got to be……………….



18. Wall integrated washing basin

wall intergrated washing basin mod


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