The 7 best cases for Kindle Fire

Do you want to get to know the best selection of cases for your Kindle Fire? Here it is! We gathered the most awesome cases for this gadget, so your Kindle Fire is never without protection.

1. Kindle Fire Lightweight MicroShell Folio Case Cover by Marware


Our first choice is this case from Marware. It’s a certified accessory, made with hard polycarbonate and a soft fabric lid. It costs $24.99 on Amazon and was specifically designed to be lightweight and slim-fit. It’s also available in black, graphite and white.

2. Slim Fit Folio Stand Leather Case


This awesome case is made from resistent syntethic leather, but it has a soft interior to protect your Kindle Fire. It was designed with busy people in mind and it has a smart holder for a stylus pen. The case also has a flip capability to transform that can hold the tablet in a horizontal viewing stand. It costs $10.99 on Amazon and it’s available in lots of colors.

3. Poetic 360 degree Rotary Leather Case


This 360 degree stand leather case is made of a premium soft leather. It has three adjustable angles to position the Kindle Fire and provides access to all portals and controls. It costs $9.95 on Amazon and you can order it in six different colors.

4. Marware Eco-Vue Genuine Leather Case Cover


Another case from Marware. This one is made of genuine leather and it can support your Kindle Fire horizontally, when it’s positioned on a flat surface. It’s eco-friendly and super resistent. It also has small interior pockets to keep items like IDs or cards. It costs $25.00 on Amazon.

5. Verso Versailles Case Cover


This certified accessory is so elegant, it takes our breath away. However, the classic design almost hides the perfect construction and resistant materials. Made with a soft microfiber interior and useful pockets, this case costs $42.92 on Amazon.

6. Hillo Premium Synthetic Leather Case

51isuwD6KHLThis fun case can stand up, allowing you to watch videos without having to hold the tablet with your hands. It looks young and fresh and costs $7.25 on Amazon.

7. Verso Prologue Case Cover


The Prologue cover is super classic! It’s light, but very resistent, with a microfiber interior and a slim pocket. You can find it on Amazon, for $24.99.

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