9 Low-cost ideas to update your bedroom

Do you look at your bedroom and find it boring? What you need is change. But, if you’re on a budget, you have to find ways to update one of the most important rooms in your house without spending lots of money.

To help you we gathered some of the best low-cost ideas to transform your bedroom and make it a happier and more interesting space.


1. Add texture


One of the easiest ways to change your bedroom is by creating interesting textures. You can add a cotton throw to the bed in the summer and a furry blanket in the winter. A nice piece like that one on the bedboard is also a great detail.

2. Change the accent pillows


It’s so easy and cheap to find nice accent pillows that go with each other. Be original and create your own mix: you can even add volume, pattern, texture or a new color.

3. Add color


If your bedroom is looking flat and neutral, you can add some pops of color. Choose two of your favorite colors and match them through the details, like artwork or bed linens.

4. Change the headboard


A new headboard that matches your bedroom style will make all the difference. There are even some DIY projects that can help you to create one of these pieces and save money.

5. Change or add curtains


You can choose some draperies and classic swags for a formal look, new curtains or shades for a more informal look or just go with blinds to get a contemporary feel.

6. Add pattern


To make your room more interesting, you can add wallpaper with a pattern to a single wall or just create a visual panel above the bed. It calls the attention to that central spot of the bedroom.

7. Add artwork


Your bedroom is the perfect place to display personal artwork like framed photos of your family taken by you or a relative. Choose a wall to display your memories and create your own style.

8. Mix bold bed linens


Mix patterns and colors and make your bed a fun place with mixed linens. In this case, buying a duvet is a great idea, because it will allow you to change its cover now and then and have a “new” bed every time.

9. Add a statement piece


Adding a visually interesting piece makes the eye creates a focal point in the bedroom. In this case, the big globe draws your attention immediately.

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