7 Great (and totally allowed) ideas to change your college dorm room

If your kid is going to college, but is not happy with the idea of a small and bland college room, check out these great DIY ideas to transform one of these rooms into a small wonder.

All you have to remember is that personal space will be limited, no matter what, and there are strict rules about decoration (anything that means messing with the walls is usually forbidden). Also, most dorms are already furnished and students are required to use the existing items.

So, let’s check what you can do to transform your college dorm room without imposing major transformations and following the rules.


Make your own headboard: it will give a different and more complete look to your bed and you might be able to hide some ugly hole on the wall. This example is very simple to recreate: all you need is some clean wooden boards and a firm hand to write something or make a drawing with your favorite colour.


Create a beautiful (and totally granted) faux wallpaper. This one was made with round placemats and double-stick tape. It’s a cheap solution to decorate an ugly or bland wall.


Use some to create stripes and change your furniture. It’s a safe way of combining colors in the room.


The dorm might provide some bed linens, but if you want a more interesting effect, buy your own and mix them to create the perfect bed. Make sure the colors go with the rest of the decor.

Moroccan Interior Design Red Wall Blue Curtain Modern Chandelier Purple Bed Sheet Colorful Cushoins  Wooden Floor White Standing Lamp

Change the usual beige for something more colorful and modern and hang them as high as you can in order to make the room seem bigger.

DIY- painted cork-tile pinboard

Create your own , a great for hanging photos and notes. This one was made with a normal pinboard and white tape. If you can’t hang it on the wall, place it on your desk.


Add a : photos and original decorative items are always welcome in bland college dorm rooms.

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