6 super easy DIY illuminating projects

Forget about the pricey chandeliers and lamps y0u find at stores. Today, we bring you some of the out there. Get ready for a set of our favorite kind of projects: the ones that you can do with materials that are lying around or those that only cost a few bucks.

1. Floral lamp


Grab a  and wrap a floral print around it. Cut a hole on top and pass the cord through it.

2. Bright ping pong balls


Take some Christmas lights and put on them. Cut a small hole and stick the two elements together with a little bit of glue.

3. Mason jars


Get some jars similar to the ones on the picture and use a hammer and a nail to open a small hole on the lid. This way, the socket can go through and you can attach the lamp. More instructions .

4. Globe lamp


Do you have an lying around? Use it to make a stylish lamp like this one.

5. Recycled Plastic Cups lamp


You will need around 250 large (if they’re used, good for you because you’re recycling), 700 staples and a stapler to hold the cups together and a lamp socket, cord and plug.

6. Wax paper chandelier


This chandelier is remarkably similar to a capiz shell, but costs way less. It’s a little more complex than the previous ones, but it’s so worth it. Check the tutorial .

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