21 Amazing Ideas for Organizing Your Home

9. Cool reminders board

Cool Reminders Board mod

Letters, grocery list, bills to pay, postcards… Everything usually ends up scattered around the kitchen. But not when you have a clever board like this one!

10. Waterproof charger storage

Waterproof Charger Storage mod

“Oh, my phone needs to be charged”, you say. But when you open the drawer where all the chargers live, you get confused and the web of wires seems impossible to detangle. How many times did this happen? Too many times. But not anymore with this clever and organized charger storage idea.

11. Meal planning made easier

Meal Planning made Easier mod

If there’s something that every wife or parent likes to complain about, that thing is choosing the family meals for each day. So why don’t you avoid that burden and make a weekly list of food like this one? Take 10 minutes during the weekend and create your own menu.

12. How to store your boots

How to Store your Boots mod

Tired of seeing your boots getting kicked when you go into your closet? How about hanging them like if they were clothes? Just be careful and do it like the picture tells you, with the hooks pressuring the inside of the boots.

13. Key-hanger picture frame

Picture Frame Key Hanger mod

Every morning you lose five minutes looking for your car or house keys, right? Not with this cleverly repurposed frame.

14. Neat and spacious garage

neat and spacious garage mod

With the right hangers and organization system, everything can have its own place in your garage.

15. Balcony office

Balcony Office mod

Is your dream to work outside, enjoying the sun and a fresh beverage? We present to you the awesome desk that transforms every balcony into an office.

16. Simple and smart home office

Simple and Smart Home Office mod

It’s not very usual to create an organization system with this kind of baskets in an office, but it works with the right decor. Besides, it will definitely help you keep the piles of paper and documents hidden.

17. Elegant and organized craft room

Naturally Lit Elegant Craft Room mod

Every crafts’ lover knows that the rooms where art is born aren’t usually very organized. Unless you really bet on your decorating skills and create a lovely organization system for your craft room.

18. Toy storage

Toy Storage mod

Toys that are used to play outside get dirty and end up everywhere. However, if you create a nice storage system like this one your kids will feel encouraged to put the toys away after playing with them.


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