18 Awesome Household Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the house is, probably, the most hated hobby ever. Removing grease, fighting against dust and limestone… Iach! However, today we bring you 18 hilarious tips to help you clean. It will still be hard, sure, but at least you can have some fun.

1. Cleaning the toilet with Coke

Coke’s power when it comes to unclog pipes and remove rust is very well-know.

2. Spiderman window cleaning attire

Spiderman Window Cleaning Gear

Want to make the kids have some fun while you’re washing the windows? This is a good idea!

3. Rug coach cleaning

rug coach cleaning mod

A super machine like this one will surely make cleaning easier.

4. Cleaning in house plants

cleaning In House Plants mod

Want to feel better about cleaning something, but don’t want to make a lot of effort? Dust your plants and you’ll be able to gloat about your daily achievement.

5. Genius hedge mowing

genuis hedge mowing mod

Trim your bushes like a boss. It’s not that dangerous…

6. Have the kids clean up

kids cleaning mod

Kids need to learn from a young age that life is hard, especially that part of life when you’re in charge of cleaning. Make them try and clean their rooms.

7. Techie ear cleaning

Ear cleaner with a camera mod

After a long day cleaning your house, you will also need a bath and a full cleaning. So, try this techie hear cleaner and tell us your experience.

8. Powered cleaning shoes

Cleaning Shoes mod

These shoes work like a vacuum cleaner. All you have to do is to put on these shoes and the dirt will disappear with every step you take. Literally.

9. Hose your waterproof furniture

Because everything is water Proof Mod

This could be an amazing solution… if only anyone had waterproof furniture.

10. Blow it in with a round vacuum

Round Vacuum mod

This round robot will stroll around the house and clean up for you.

11. Teach the daughter how to clean

dad teaching the daughter mod

It’s kind of sexist, but okay… Everyone knows that girls are much cleaner than boys. Teaching your daughter how to properly clean from a young age will save you a lot of time.

12. Crawl cleaner!

Japanese baby cleaning house

Speaking of clean toddlers: here’s one dressed with the crawl cleaner. They crawl and they clean, easy as that. Who said babies couldn’t multitask?

13. Awesome bachelor’s solution

Awesome Bachelor's Solution

We all know that only 12 percent of bachelors will be concerned about sweeping crumbles, but for this small percentage, here’s a solution.

14. We help mommy

we help Mommy mod

Besides teaching your kids how to clean, teach them how to take the garbage outside from a young age.

15. Clean the garage mold in Spring

pressure wash the garage in spring mod

This simple step will make your house look like new on the outside. But don’t forget: you still have to clean inside.

16. Deal with the messy roommate

deal with the messy roommate

First, it’s a nice note. One day it might be a bazooka. It goes without saying that dealing with someone that doesn’t clean after himself is a very difficult situation.

17. Clean the shower head

Cleaning the shower head mod

What a great tip to easily remove the dirt and limestone from your shower head. Just put some vinegar in a small plastic bag and strap it around the shower head like it’s exemplified in the picture. Leave it like that for a whole night and see how easy it is to clean it after that.

18. Call the army to clean up your house

call the army to clean up your house

And, in the end, if none of our advices help, it’s time for extreme measures. Call the army!


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