17 Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

A small place is always tricky to decorate. But what if we’re talking about a small house, apartment or studio? It’s even worse, because then you’ll need several great ideas.

But, since we don’t want you to worry about these issues, we gathered the 17 best ideas to decorate small spaces, such as living rooms or bedrooms. Check our practical ideas!

1. Amazing small space design

Amazing Small Space Design

It may seem strange, but a full wall might give the impression that your living room is bigger than it really is. The fantastic wooden chairs, mixed with the modern leather couch, make this space super eclectic.

2. Glamorous living room design

Glamorous Living Room Design for Small Spaces

The mix between light colors and metallics, with basic furniture, is great to create a cozy and inviting space. The ideal living room to gather your friends and have a glass of wine.

3. Stylish space saving design

Stylish Space Saving Design

This is the ideal decorating idea for a combined space, that is both your living room and your eating area. By dividing the space with this space saving design, you get an organized and functional room.

4. Smart space saving design

Smart Space Saving Design

If you have a studio apartment, focus on this space design. Use the big pieces of furnitures to create divisions around the house and make it more organized. This way, you can squeeze a lot of “rooms” into just one living area.

5. Simple small space design

Simple Small Space Design

Another amazing idea to organize the space in a studio apartment. Simple and comfortable!

6. Modern kitchen design for small spaces

Modern Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

Notice how the few kitchen furniture used in this decor has lots of storage space? The author of this design is using the vertical space, instead of leaving clutter scattered around the surfaces.

7. Beautiful small apartment design

Beautiful Small Apartment Design

Remember this basic rule when decorating a small studio apartment: to divide the entertain and the eating areas, place the couch as a partition between the imaginary rooms. Then, use the colors to make some contrast between the two spaces.

8. Well designed small apartment

Well Designed Small Apartment

This is how you organize a room with two different functions and don’t forget about the style. The blue wall with waving effects makes the room seem wider, by creating a focus point.

9. Use small tables to save space

Use Small Tables to Save Space

The use of small tables, instead of huge wooden monsters, will do the trick and save you a lot of useful space.

10. Very nice dining room idea for small spaces

Very Nice Dining Room Idea for Small Spaces

The modern and minimalist furniture with a light color stands out from the rest of the decor, especially the dark green wall with funny “instructions” on it.

11. Modern small living room furnishings

Modern Small Living Room Furnishings

The dark wood and the white basic walls match beautifully with the great lighting system and the pops of red. It’s super modern and comfortable.

12. Space saver work space/closet

Space Saver Work Space or Closet

Our first idea to decorate a closet. Yes, a closet. Have you ever thought of this possibility? Using the closet space to make your small (but super cute) office?

13. Proper space sectioning

Proper Space Sectioning

Another great example of space organization, using a big piece of furniture, like this dark wooden cabinet. With a statement piece like this, you don’t need anything else to make your living room stand out.

14. Stylish single room apartment

Stylish Single Room Apartment

A long space like this is not always easy to decorate. But, if there is a way to do it,  this is the right way! Take this idea and create a functional space with lots of seats to host small gatherings.

15. Smart space utilization

Smart Space Utilization

To create a space like this, you need a particular structure similar to this one. But, if you own a studio that has a platform like this, use the upper space to create a room or even a library, for instance.

16. Apartment Leopoldo

Apartment Leopoldo

Lots of glass! This is the secret to make a small room seem bigger. The mirrored wall and the glass table add some depth to the room.

17. Beautiful New York apartment

Beautiful New York Apartment

The white walls and furniture and the couches in different tones of brown match perfectly to create a cozy and familiar space.

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