14 Step house cleaning checklist in pictures

How do you clean your nice little haven? Home cleaning can be a hassle, especially for those who are not fond of these tasks. However, with some good tips and these useful reminders, the work can be done properly and your house gets to be spotless.

1. Start with the kids’ closet

Start with the kid's closet mod

Hang what needs to be hanged and organize the shelves of your kids’ closet. Get everything off the ground, so the floor can be properly cleaned.

2. Soap clean up the windows

Soap Clean up the windows Mod

If your windows aren’t cleaned, how will everybody know your house is flawless when they are peaking inside? And you can ask your kids to do it, we won’t tell anybody.

3. Freshen up the kitchen appliances with a good wipe

Freshen Up the Kitchen Appliances mod

It’s super easy to clean your kitchen with the right “tools”: wipes and good cleaning detergents will make your task a lot easier and faster.

4. Scrub the bathtub

Scrub the Bathtub mod

Cleaning the bathtub, as well as the rest of your bathroom, is essential. Are you picturing the face of your guests once they enter your bathroom and see a filthy tub? No way!

5. Make the beds

Make the Beds mod

Don’t even get us started on this one. Making the beds every day is the number one rule to make your house seem clean and organized, even if we’re talking just about a fast clean.

6. Vacuum the staircase

Vaccuum the Staircase mod

A lot of people forget to vacuum their staircase, but we are here to remind you!

7.  Clean the refrigerator

Clean the Refrigerator mod

Don’t forget that it’s essential to clean your fridge, unless you want bacteria and microbes growing next to your food.

8. Dust the blinds

Dust the Blinds mod

Here’s another place people usually forget to clean. However, if you’re cleaning your windows, you must clean the blinds too. It’s a boring task for most people, but  it gets easier if you have one of these dusters.

9. Empty the trash bin

Trash bin  mod

This is one of the last tasks, but a crucial one: emptying the trash bin is one of the last steps to remove bad odors from your home.

10. Dust the lampshades

Dust the Lampshades mod

To more easily dust your lampshades use a lint roller, instead of a dry cloth that will just spread the dust around.

11. Dust the wooden furniture

Dust the Wooden Furniture mod

With a proper cloth and a wood oil you can dust your wood furniture and give it that shiny look back.

12. Polish the wooden floor

Polish the wooden floor mod

All you need to make your wood floor look like new it use a good floor polishing machine and a professional wax.

13. Wash the dishes

Wash the Dishes mod

And don’t forget about the dirty dishes pilled up on the kitchen!

14. Fluff the dog on the open air

Fluff the Dog mod

To finish our cleaning process, brush your dog outside, if you have one. Don’t do it inside the house or you will have more dirt to clean.


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