12 Creative ideas for children’s bedrooms

Organizing a special space for your little one(s) is not easy, so we decided to help and give you some great ideas to make the bedroom of your children something unique. Whether you’re thinking about a renovation or you have a baby on the way, these are great options for you. Check our suggestions and choose your favorite.


Here’s a striking idea for a nursery decor, with mixed patterns and colors. Besides, did you know that bold patterns are great for baby’s developing eyes?

nursery-l (1)

Decorate your baby’s nursery with a big mural, but make sure that this visual statement only occupies one wall. The others should be painted with a neutral color.


Small-scale furniture will make your child adapt better to the transition between the nursery and the big kid’s room.


To create this beautiful effect on the walls, all you need is painter’s tape, a level and some skills. Just remember to wait for each color to dry before starting paint the next stripes.


Trundle beds are a great option when your child has a friend sleeping over. And they will love the bold colors.


If your son or daughter dreams with time travelling, how about a historically inspired room?


Allow your child to express and be creative with a little corner like this.


This DIY canopy will create the perfect reading spot.


If you have a big family and quite a few children, what about creating some built-in bunk beds. It saves a lot of space and each kid can customize their own bedboard.


A classic and neutral color on the walls will easily transition through the years. And, at a certain point and with the right decoration, it will become a sophisticated set.


Make you child’s room more boyish with this industrial shelving unit.


Create a built-in cubby bunk like these to give your child a place that is unique and private, especially if the room is shared by siblings.

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