11 Alternative Ways To Store Your Books And Magazines

If you like to have your books and magazines nicely stored, then you will definitely love these awesome ideas. These are some cool and alternative ways to store all your books and magazines! What’s your favorite?

1. Using Pipes as a Shelves
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Because of its industrial look, it would be an awesome idea for a modern apartment. Pipes can be used as a bookshelf and, as you can see, it will look amazing!

2. Tree Shaped Bookshelf
Tree Shaped Bookshelf

You can call this one ‘tree of knowledge’. This tree-like bookcase will definitely break the monotony from a classical interior. It’s such a perfect place to display your books. This is the real proof that bookcases can look cool and awesome!

3. Hanging Magazine Storage
Hanging Magazine Storage

This is wonderful DIY project that you can make in thirty minutes. You just need some macrame string and round beads. It will look awesome!

4. Use a Hanger to Keep Your Magazines
Use a Coat Hanger to Display Your Magazines

It’s always cool when you can use some regular stuff differently. Take simple hanger, for example. You can use it to store your magazines. The best thing about this is that you can put the magazine on the page where you stopped reading.

5. Bucket for a Beach Themed Bedroom
Bucket for a Beach Themed Bedroom

This bucket with magazines would look great in your bedroom! Such a simple idea and it looks great and cool!

6. Basket for Cookbooks
Basket for Cook Books

If you’re looking for a great place to store your cookbooks, then check out this cool idea. Just use a simple basket to put all of them inside and keep it right on your countertop.

7. Decorating With Books
Decorating With Books

You don’t have to just store your books on the book shelf, you can use them as a decoration also! This is such a neat way to display old and antique books.

8. Unique Book Holder
Unique Book Holder

Books shelves can be pretty creative and unique, just like this one. It looks simple and it will fit perfectly into any space.

9. Antique Herb Crates
Antique Herb Crates

These antique herb crates was put in a nursery, but it will also look great in a kitchen to store your cookbooks. It will give a special charm to any room.

10. Repurpose Old Window Shutter as a Magazine Display
Repurpose Old Window Shutter as a Magazine Display

Old window shutter can be used for so many things, you wouldn’t believe it. This is one great way of repurposing old shutters – as a place to storage your magazines

11. Crate with Rollers Magazine Rack
Crate with Rollers Magazine Rack

This is one more amazing way to store your magazines. The best thing about this is that you can make it yourself. It looks interesting!

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