10 Technology Products Most Homes Can\’t Function Without

Photo credit: Flickr.com - Shannon
Photo credit: Flickr.com – Shannon

There’s no denying it, as a society we have become reliant on technology. Gone are the days of manually doing chores, if there’s a device or a machine that will do it for us, then we’d rather employ that for the job rather than do it ourselves. Technology products are no longer in the realm of the wealthy, they are now more affordable which gives everyone the opportunity to take advantage of all the wonderful things that these products can do for us.

Who doesn’t want to make their life a little easier? We may not quite have space-age homes just yet, but we are certainly heading in that direction, especially with the recent advent of smart homes. While these systems have not been rolled out to the masses just yet, it won’t be long before they are the standard for homes across the globe. Even now every home has been hard-wired for optimum technology accessibility. Here we have 10 technology products that most homes can’t function without:

  1. Refrigerator
    Imagine a time without fridges or freezers.  This is such a standard piece of technology in every home that it is often overlooked as technology at all. A refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment for food storage that enables us to keep food chilled while also ceasing the reproduction of harmful bacteria. A freezer is a similar device that preserves a temperature below freezing point and allows us to buy food in bulk and keep it for a long time before using it. It’s not until  the power goes or the refrigerator malfunctions that  we truly realise its worth.

  2. Washing Machine
    Front loading or top loading, it doesn’t matter as long as you can get the clothes inside and they come out clean. The days of manually scrubbing clothes are long behind us thanks to this wonderful product.

  3. Telephone
    Beginning as a fixture on the wall, the telephone has come on leaps and bounds. Wireless home phones are extremely convenient and are proving to be an increasingly popular choice with homeowners. Having said this, cordless phones are keeping pace in a market that is now packed with wireless and Internet-based devices.

  4. Recorded Sound
    Radio, cassette, eight track, mp3 player, record player; every home has some sort of technology device that plays our recorded sounds. IPods are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be plugged into an external speaker system just as easily.

  5. Television
    Oh yes, the TV. There are not too many homes that don’t have a TV in them now and in many homes, the TV takes centre stage, and why shouldn’t it? Picture quality and TV features are improving all the time and with offers like the Big Bundles/ Big Kahuna from Virgin, we can take full advantage of everything on offer.

  6. Microwave Oven
    Quick, easy and effective, the microwave oven has changed the way people prepare food. Whole meals cook in minutes instead of hours, It rings to tell you it’s done and does it all with minimum effort.

  7. Home Computer
    We live on the Internet these days and being away from it for very long has some people pulling their hair out. Having a home computer whether a desktop or laptop is an essential technology product in every home.

  8. DVD Player
    Although they are being utilised less and less as more people move towards streaming and downloading, DVD players still feature in most homes. Throwing on a good flick, heating up some popcorn and locking the door is still a regular Saturday night in for many people.

  9. CCTV

With the cases of theft and crime on the increase, safety of the home and the family is of the upmost importance. CCTV, or closed circuit television, is the best method of maintaining overall security check and surveillance over the people who are visiting your home.

  1. Air Conditioning System
    Depending on the country, this can hold true or not. Any country that experiences hot, humid weather has an air conditioner installed in virtually every home. It’s the only way to keep your family comfortable during the summer months.

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